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Springer Spaniels – are they the right dog for you?

There are two distinctly different English Springer Spaniels — the field bred, and those bred for showing.

Field bred Springers are bred for function rather than appearance, these dogs have been bred for generations for their hunting trainability. The more placid dogs are wonderful companions for those who want a pet. Show bred Springers, are primarily bred as companions, and for their adherence to the breed’s written standard.

If you want a dog who…

  • ranges from being placid around the home to highly energetic hunting dogs
  • are outgoing, friendly, loyal and responsive
  • are an active breed which need to be exercised if they don’t get enough daily activity both physically and mentally then they can become destructive
  • are fantastic with children, they are a very sociable breed, that enjoys the company of people and other dogs
  • need to be groomed and clipped and get their ears cleaned regularly

Then a Springer Spaniel may be just the dog you are looking for and if you need assistance with socialisation and dog walks then you should use the services of a Dog Walker, to find out how to get the right dog walker for you please read my blogĀ by using this quick link

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