Don’t just be a dog walker be a cani-cross one!

Cani-cross is becoming increasingly popular and is the sport of cross country running with dogs, you are harnessed to your dog and you run as a team. You are the driver, directing the dog from behind with voice commands. This is not only a great method to get fit but works your dog’s mind and ... Read more

A study suggests that we have more empathy for dogs than other people, is this true?

Being a dog walker in York, I have spent many hours walking with dogs which gives me plenty of time to think about how they behave and interact with their human family members and friends. I read a recent study that suggested that we have more empathy for dogs than people. Why is this, well ... Read more

Sheep worrying in the news headlines again

The BBC News reported this week on the difficulties and hardships faced by farmers through the actions of irresponsible dog owners who allow their dogs to chase and attack livestock. Currently, dog owners are not required by law to report if their dog attacks any livestock and these attacks are not treated as recordable crimes ... Read more

Springer Spaniels – are they the right dog for you?

There are two distinctly different English Springer Spaniels — the field bred, and those bred for showing. Field bred Springers are bred for function rather than appearance, these dogs have been bred for generations for their hunting trainability. The more placid dogs are wonderful companions for those who want a pet. Show bred Springers, are ... Read more

Do dogs love Christmas as much as we do?

Christmas a time when everyone is happy and we all share in the seasonal traditions, that make Christmas a very special and amazing time of year. We all love Christmas trees and pretty light displays, carols, Santa and his reindeers, Scrooge in black and white and colour, so many presents, so much food and drink and ... Read more