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Health benefits from regular dog walking

It is pretty well known and understood that regular exercise is beneficial to human health. Although you may not have realised that during the chore of taking your dog out for a walk to relieve itself, but this exercise is just as beneficial for your dog’s health too.

If you have a timid or fearful dog, regular walks can help your dog to build their confidence and trust. They will get exposure to other humans, dogs, smells, sights and animals of all shapes and sizes, and with you on hand beside them they will learn to feel more calm and less fearful of new things.

Exercise is good for all of us and regular exercise can go a long way to keeping your dog healthy, happy and keep their weight in check so ensuring they don’t suffer from the health issues associated with being overweight. Regular walks can also help to maintain a healthy digestive system, and can really help to relieve constipation in your dog.

Maintaining a regular walking routine can help to remove destructive behaviours such as chewing, scratching and digging. It can also go a long way to calming hyperactivity and excitability a good walk or run can help your dog feel more relaxed and sleepy. It also reduces attention seeking behaviours such as barking and whining which is your dog wanting attention from you because they are restless and bored.

Spending time with your dog is extremely important as it strengthens the bond between you both and leads to a strong, trusting relationship. So why not go for a walk to strengthen both your bond and your bodies!

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