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Dog Walkers in York Affected by the Rising Flood Waters


Dog Walkers in York have been heavily affected by the rising flood waters, the once beautiful walks along the river banks are no longer passable, even when the waters are receding the ground is so sodden that they are still treacherous and definitely not a pleasurable experience.


But there are still some areas that you can get at least an opportunity for some off lead runs, these include options for dog walkers in Haxby, Wigginton and York:

Public Bridle way with a car boot field off Corban Lane Wigginton, the farmer does allow access but at some times during the year he grazes his sheep here and electric fences are put in place. At the moment it is clear of sheep and fairly dry considering the weather conditions. At the entrance of Corban Lane there are waste bins to make it easier to pick up after your dog.

Two public footpath signs off Windsor Drive lead onto open fields which again are not flooded with water and have a public footpath going through them, but this is working farmland so caution is required. The public access at the Haxby end starts off with some open woodland. Entrance is across some styles / kissing gates, there are no dog waste bins here so please ensure that you pick up and take away.

Clifton Backies situated between Bootham Stray and Water Lane in Clifton Without has an inner path made out of concrete which is level and well surfaced, making it an ideal option during the recent flooding and bad weather, this route would take around 30 minutes and passes through a wooded area and a small pond.

Bootham Stray is also an option for a drier walk.

Millennium Wood is also still open as the beck was dredged in the summer but the area is still muddy so definitely need your wellies. See my post Westfield Wood Great Dog Walks for Dog Walkers in Haxby & Wigginton posted on 26th November 2015.

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