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Do dogs love Christmas as much as we do?

Christmas a time when everyone is happy and we all share in the seasonal traditions, that make Christmas a very special and amazing time of year. We all love Christmas trees and pretty light displays, carols, Santa and his reindeers, Scrooge in black and white and colour, so many presents, so much food and drink and of course the Queens speech. But what about our dogs? Do they even know or care if it’s Christmas?

I’d like to think they do, but they probably don’t understand why we always seem to be shopping. Here are some reasons why I think our dogs get just as excited about Christmas as we do.

So much attention, so many people to greet

Christmastime means more people in the house lavishing everyone with their love and affection, for a dog who lives for attention, this time of year is a treat.

New toys

Well who doesn’t love getting presents? Well not my dog that’s for sure she rips through the wrapping paper, chucks whatever it is around for 5 seconds, then she is ready for the next one.

It could snow

It’s not always a given for Christmas but when the snow does come there are certain dog breeds that just cannot resist a good romp around in it.

Pretty wrapped boxes everywhere

So many interesting things to sniff and prod, just make sure that anything that could get eaten or damaged is kept out of the way of our furry, four-legged gift un-wrappers.

Quality time with the family

Last but most definitely not the least and probably the most important thing about Christmas is getting that quality time to spend with your friends, family and furry family members. So, as you celebrate the season, don’t forget to spend time with all of them as, really, that’s what Christmas is all about.

Wishing all my current and future customers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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