Dogs’ Trust launches its own Christmas TV ad

The charity behind the famous “A dog is for life, not just for Christmas” slogan the Dogs Trust, has launched its own Christmas ad with a twist portraying its very important message one that simply says “dogs aren’t Christmas presents”. Every year this and other animal charities have to take in dogs which have become unwanted Christmas presents. In ... Read more

Do dogs love Christmas as much as we do?

Christmas a time when everyone is happy and we all share in the seasonal traditions, that make Christmas a very special and amazing time of year. We all love Christmas trees and pretty light displays, carols, Santa and his reindeers, Scrooge in black and white and colour, so many presents, so much food and drink and ... Read more

For dog walkers, Autumn isn’t just about a kaleidoscope of autumnal colours…

Thinking about cancelling your evening stroll because it could get dark? Don’t be put off from walking your dog as we transition to shorter days, when the evenings start to draw in and darkness falls halfway through your walk.  Be prepared the availability of affordable low-power, small LED torches, flashing collars and tracking devices now means ... Read more

Keeping your dog safe in the summer sun

Summer is officially here and with it comes those higher temperatures. As much as we enjoy summer sun and fun, it is important to remember that the increased temperatures can have a major effect on your dog’s health. Dog’s easily overheat because of their thick furry coats and the fact that the only way they can cool themselves ... Read more

Did you know your dog can suffer from seasonal allergies just as you do?

Dog owners aren’t always aware that their furry family member can also spend the spring season feeling miserable thanks to pollens and other environmental allergens. If your pet gets itchy during spring, summer or autumn, then it is probably reacting to seasonal, environmental allergens. Just like us whose allergy symptoms usually involve sneezing, itchy eyes ... Read more