Springer Spaniels – are they the right dog for you?

There are two distinctly different English Springer Spaniels — the field bred, and those bred for showing. Field bred Springers are bred for function rather than appearance, these dogs have been bred for generations for their hunting trainability. The more placid dogs are wonderful companions for those who want a pet. Show bred Springers, are ... Read more

Beagles – Are They The Right Dog For You?

Beagles are conveniently sized, attractive looking and relatively easy to groom, friendly with people and love to interact with other dogs, and with their appealing expression, it’s perfectly understandable why many people consider them to be the dog for them. However, Beagles were initially bred as hunting dogs and they have many hunting dog behaviours “hardwired” into their genes. ... Read more

Pugs – Are They The Right Dog For You

The Pug, sometimes playful, sometimes calm and dignified, always sturdy and stable, good-humoured and amiable. They usually come in four colours black, silver, apricot and fawn and ideally should weigh around 14-18 lbs when they reach their adulthood. Although peaceful with the world, they will shout when visitors arrive giving off their high pitched bark only to ... Read more

Labrador – Are They The Right Dog For You?

The Labrador can be a terrific family dog but they do require a lot of vigorous exercise, they are water babies and love to swim and play fetch, so a quick walk around the streets won’t be enough for them. Too much confinement and not enough exercise can lead to unruliness and destructive chewing behaviours. ... Read more