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Attack of the drones

Since I set up as a dog walker in the Haxby, Wigginton and Strensall areas of York I have seen and heard a few changes in the countryside over the past 8 years of walking my customers dogs. Where I used to hear bird song, sheep and cows there has over the past year been a new and ever more unfortunately increasingly familiar sound, that of a drone.

These have been increasing at a rate of knots and if they keep in the distance they don’t seem to cause too much concern for the dogs in my care, but sometimes you get one or two who think that it is amusing to buzz over the dogs causing them distress, the noise annoys me and their hearing is far more sensitive than mine. So I have been researching to see if there is anything that can be done about this annoyance that has descended on the tranquillity that is the York countryside.

The Civil Aviation Authority have written a drone code which must be obeyed. To fly a drone you need to keep it in your line of sight, it cannot be flown over 400 feet so as not to interfere with aircraft. If it is fitted with a camera you cannot fly it over uninvolved people, if they get within 150 feet of people or property or 500 feet of crowds and built up areas, then they are breaking this code.

The Government are also looking into registration schemes and mandatory competency tests.

So things may improve to the point were you can still enjoy a dog walk in the countryside without your peaceful enjoyment being interrupted by the monotonous droning noise of these plastic insects.


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