Dog Walkers in York are being advised to avoid stagnant water

Dog Walkers in York are being advised to avoid stagnant water as a local veterinary practice give warnings over a deadly disease spread by rats Dog walkers and Dog owners in Haxby, Wigginton and Strensall are being warned about the risk of canine leptospirosis – a severe bacterial infection also known as Weil’s disease (in ... Read more

Dog Walkers at Risk of Big Brother Style Plans

  With the problem of dog fouling from irresponsible dog owners and walkers showing no signs of decreasing anytime soon. Councils are continuing to look into ever more ingenious/inventive ways of how to deal with the problem of people who refuse to pick up after their dogs.   The Anti-Social Behaviour and Policing Act 2014, ... Read more

Dog Walkers in York Affected by the Rising Flood Waters

  Dog Walkers in York have been heavily affected by the rising flood waters, the once beautiful walks along the river banks are no longer passable, even when the waters are receding the ground is so sodden that they are still treacherous and definitely not a pleasurable experience.   But there are still some areas ... Read more

Microchip Your Dog by April 6th 2016

Lost dogs currently cost UK taxpayers and animal charities a staggering £33 million a year so legislation is being introduced as from the 6th April 2016. This new legislation will mean that all dogs over the age of eight weeks old in England and Scotland will have to be microchipped. Failure to comply with this ... Read more