Westfield Wood Great Dog Walks for Dog Walkers in Haxby & Wigginton

Westfield Wood is located on the northern side of the York Ring Road, next to the villages of Wigginton and Haxby. It has been planted on approximately six hectares of formerly arable farmland as part of the Forestry Commissions Millennium Wood Project. The woods are laid out in a roughly rectangular shape with residential property situated next ... Read more

Strensall Common Great Dog Walks for Dog Walkers in York

  Strensall Common forms part of an important lowland heath that lies within the Vale of York. As the information signs explain, the fact that it has been used by the military since the late 19th century has preserved and protected it from development.     Strensall Common is a very popular area for many ... Read more

Things Only Other Dog People Understand

Autumn Dog Walks in York are great fun

  I am a dog walker and a dog owner and I know that there are certain things in life that only another dog owner will fully recognise and understand     1.       Our Dogs Are Practically Perfect We all believe that our dogs are the best, the most gorgeous, clever, funny and obedient dogs ... Read more

Remember, Remember Your Dog This November

Fireworks may be fun for us humans, but they can be extremely scary for our dogs. For many dog walkers this is a time of year they dread. Having a dog who is petrified of fireworks is upsetting, your dog is in distress and often you feel unable to help. Fireworks are not just restricted ... Read more