A Tale for Halloween – The Hounding of a Dog Walker

The night was unusually dark the full moon hidden behind dense cloud, a mist crept low to the ground swirling around my waist, my footsteps echoed around me, not the best night to be out alone, but India needed to go out for her walk. We took our usual route down the lane towards the ... Read more

Halloween Tips For Dog Owners

Dog Walker Halloween News

  Halloween is a festive and fun time for children and families. But for our dogs, let’s face it, from their point of view it can be a strange evening with some dangerous obstacles that our dogs need to avoid and we need to prepare for.   Trick-or-treat sweets and chocolates are not for dogs. ... Read more

Back to basics five essentials for every dog walker and owner

    There are just some things that are essential and an everyday part of having a four legged furry friend in your life for all dog owners and dog walkers. Here are just five of them that I can’t cope without.   ... Read more