Dogs’ Trust launches its own Christmas TV ad

The charity behind the famous “A dog is for life, not just for Christmas” slogan the Dogs Trust, has launched its own Christmas ad with a twist portraying its very important message one that simply says “dogs aren’t Christmas presents”. Every year this and other animal charities have to take in dogs which have become unwanted Christmas presents. In ... Read more

Health benefits from regular dog walking

It is pretty well known and understood that regular exercise is beneficial to human health. Although you may not have realised that during the chore of taking your dog out for a walk to relieve itself, but this exercise is just as beneficial for your dog’s health too. If you have a timid or fearful ... Read more

Why your dog licks you

Many of us have either experienced it or seen it – a dog licking its owner is very common. There are many different reasons why a dog does this, but what is the psychology and meaning behind it? It is a natural instinct for a dog to lick and when they do it releases satisfying endorphins which ... Read more

Comfort breaks and why they are a good idea!

Recently I was asked why I offer a comfort break service as part of my dog walking business in York. “surely all you do is rub their head and then leave”   Well it’s a little more involved than that, comfort breaks can be an important routine for both young puppies and older dogs, this ... Read more

Attack of the drones

Since I set up as a dog walker in the Haxby, Wigginton and Strensall areas of York I have seen and heard a few changes in the countryside over the past 8 years of walking my customers dogs. Where I used to hear bird song, sheep and cows there has over the past year been ... Read more