Springer Spaniels – are they the right dog for you?


There are two distinctly different English Springer Spaniels — the field bred, and those bred for showing. Field bred Springers are bred for function rather than appearance, these dogs have been bred for generations for their hunting trainability. The more placid dogs are wonderful companions for those who want a pet. Show bred Springers, are ... Read more

Do dogs love Christmas as much as we do?

dashing through the snow

Christmas a time when everyone is happy and we all share in the seasonal traditions, that make Christmas a very special and amazing time of year. We all love Christmas trees and pretty light displays, carols, Santa and his reindeers, Scrooge in black and white and colour, so many presents, so much food and drink and ... Read more

Why should you use a dog walker in York!

I don't want to stay home alone all day

Exercise isn’t just a nicety; it’s a necessity for maintaining your dog’s physical and mental well-being. As with people, obesity is becoming a major health problem in today’s dogs. When your dog is overweight it prevents them from enjoying themselves, it decreases their speed and stamina and makes it more difficult for them to regulate their ... Read more

For dog walkers, Autumn isn’t just about a kaleidoscope of autumnal colours…

autumn 2017

Thinking about cancelling your evening stroll because it could get dark? Don’t be put off from walking your dog as we transition to shorter days, when the evenings start to draw in and darkness falls halfway through your walk.  Be prepared the availability of affordable low-power, small LED torches, flashing collars and tracking devices now means ... Read more

Dog Walker Haxby, Wigginton, Strensall, Rawcliffe, and Clifton Moor – FAQ “Why do you limit the areas you cover in York?”

I love going out for walks with Walkabout Pet Services

I had a recent enquiry regarding my dog walking services, which unfortunately was not in an area of York that I cover. The enquirer asked why was I so short sighted that I only carried out my dog walker service in Haxby, Strensall, Wigginton, Rawcliffe and Clifton Moor. “surely this limits the amount of dog ... Read more