Dog Walker Haxby, Wigginton, Strensall, Rawcliffe, and Clifton Moor – FAQ “Why do you limit the areas you cover in York?”

I love going out for walks with Walkabout Pet Services

I had a recent enquiry regarding my dog walking services, which unfortunately was not in an area of York that I cover. The enquirer asked why was I so short sighted that I only carried out my dog walker service in Haxby, Strensall, Wigginton, Rawcliffe and Clifton Moor. “surely this limits the amount of dog ... Read more

How to protect your dog during home improvements

Home renovations

When it’s time to do some refurbishment works on your property, you need to think about how much this will affect or upset your dog. Any negative associations with their home could have a long lasting affect on their behaviour so ensuring the safety and happiness of your dog is paramount before you commence any ... Read more

Is dog ownership right for you?


Having a dog in your life is a wonderful thing for many reasons they provide loyal companionship and there are well documented health benefits to owning a dog. As a dog walker in York I can certainly testify that they make you more sociable. However, deciding to bring a dog into your life needs serious consideration ... Read more

Why your dog licks you

Licking dog

Many of us have either experienced it or seen it – a dog licking its owner is very common. There are many different reasons why a dog does this, but what is the psychology and meaning behind it? It is a natural instinct for a dog to lick and when they do it releases satisfying endorphins which ... Read more

Comfort breaks and why they are a good idea!

Comfort breaks

Recently I was asked why I offer a comfort break service as part of my dog walking business in York. “surely all you do is rub their head and then leave”   Well it’s a little more involved than that, comfort breaks can be an important routine for both young puppies and older dogs, this ... Read more